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Retool System

The only complete system for authentic tool regeneration

In many companies, used tools are destined for the scrap heap as soon as they become worn or damaged.

It is an unnecessary and expensive form of waste, because these tools can be put back into operation with a regeneration process that returns them to their original condition, allowing you to make the most of your investments in equipment.

For this reason, at G. & C., with a focus on sustainability and reusability, we have created the RETOOL SYSTEM – our exclusive customized regeneration system for tools with inserts.

We have perfected RETOOL over the years with experience in the field, and we continuously update it with the best and most recent technologies to restore the same surface hardness, precision of the insert seat, duration and performance of the original tool.

The RETOOL SYSTEM is your real alternative to buying new tools, with savings ranging from 50 to 70%.

Retool System - Rigenerazione utensili

The RETOOL SYSTEM is simpler

Chiedi il ritiro o spedisci i pezzi

Ask for them to be collected or send us the pieces

Accompany each piece with a series of spare parts (insert, screw, possible sub-plate...) and the relative drawing for any special pieces.

Ricevi il preventivo in 48 ore

Receive an estimate in 48 hours

Within 48 hours of the delivery of the parts we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate free of any obligation. If the quote satisfies you, we will proceed with the regeneration.

Ricevi i pezzi rigenerati

Receive the regenerated parts

We will regenerate your tools on schedule and return them to you at our expense. Good job!

A tool is an investment

Why buy it again if you can regenerate it?
Regenerating your tools is a smart choice for three excellent reasons:


Regenerate the tool to make it last a long time

A tool regenerated with the RETOOL SYSTEM has ​the same characteristics as a new tool​, with the resistance to wear and the same probability of breaking as a freshly bought product. A regenerated tool is ​your real alternative to repurchasing. It can be regenerated several times and is covered by the RETOOL warranty. ​RETOOL warranty​.


Regenerate the investment to cut costs

Depending on the type of tool and the degree of wear, with RETOOL SYSTEM ​you can save 50% to 70% ​compared to the price of a new purchase. And with ​continuous regeneration ​ you can restore each tool more than once, multiplying savings and investment returns. Lastly, you can expect maximum performance from your equipment.


Regenerate the metal to increase ecological prosperity

Regeneration is a friend of the planet: even if discarding scraps is of no cost to your company, regeneration consumes much less resources and energy than the production of new tools. So every remanufactured tool makes your business more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

How does it work?

A system of analysis and targeted intervention

Every tool treated with the RETOOL SYSTEM goes through a rigorous work process to ensure a regeneration that's faithful to the original:

  • Material inspection and reparability verification
  • Professional tool cleaning
  • Removal of damaged parts
  • Reporting of missing materials with customized welding technology
  • Tool reconstruction on CNC machines
  • Sandblasting with ceramic microspheres
  • Final inspection of precision and quality
  • Anti-oxidation lubricating treatment
  • Preparation for transport with safety packaging

Is it also suitable for my company?

We regenerate every type of tool, including specialized ones or those made to measure:

  • Utensili per tornitura esterna/interna
  • Utensili per gole e taglio
  • Utensili per filettatura esterna/interna
  • Frese con codolo cilindrico
  • Frese con attacco a manicotto (fino a D.450)
  • Frese a testa sferica
  • Frese a disco (fino a D.950)
  • Frese a riccio (fino a D.150)
  • Punte ad inserti
  • Teste per foratura (fino a D.300)
  • Teste per barenatura
  • Modulare Capto / KM / HSK per tornitura e per fresatura
  • Seggi e cartucce per tornitura e fresatura
  • Microbore
  • Lame e punzoni per tranciatura
  • Utensili speciali di qualsiasi geometria e dimensione
  • Creatori per ingranaggi

Examples of regenerated tools

Utensili danneggiati

Damaged tools

Punte ad inserti


Fresa settore navale d.415

D.415 mill

Fresa d.950

D.950 mill

Fresa speciale

Special mill

Creatore moduli


Punta Hertel d.250

Hertel d.250 drill

Particolare punta Hertel d.250 danneggiata

Hertel d.250 damaged drill

Testa per lavorazione ingranaggi


Fresa attacco capto

Fresa attacco capto

Ruote dentate coniche

Ruote dentate coniche

Utensili capto

Utensili capto

Fresa d.63

Fresa d.63

Frese ad inserti

Frese ad inserti

Ingranaggio conico

Ingranaggio conico

Punta d.12

Punta d.12

Fresa a modulo d.290

Fresa a modulo d.290

Fresa d.54 riparazione millerighe

Fresa d.54 riparazione millerighe