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By your side with a smile, even when there is little to laugh about

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We have been working ​in the tooling sector since 1999 ​and at this point we know everything there is to know about tools. We know how important they are, and when we say that they are part of your team, it is not merely figure of speech.

Every day, from the major metalworking industries, aeronaval, railway and automobile industries, all the way to the smallest artisanal workshops, thousands of tools of all kinds are working alongside of you.
Your success also depends on these tools: : if they are good, the results demonstrate your professionalism. If they are reliable over time, you will control the costs and your efforts will be profitable.

This is why at G. & C. we care so much: the satisfaction of our work is helping companies to do what they do best.

Since work is full of challenges and unanticipated events, and companies are made of people, we like to offer those who work with us all the effort and expertise we are capable of,and whenever we can, with a laugh on top.

We work with you, and as hard as you, but we are also happy to not be one of those companies that take themselves too seriously, because we believe that if you work with professionalism, you can always afford to do it with a smile.

There’s only one thing we never joke about: when we talk about tools, we are the most serious ones you could ever want by your side.

Sectors in which we operate

G & C operate in naval sector
G & C operate in aeronautic sector
G & C operate in mechanical sector
G & C operate in automotive sector
G & C operate in railway sector
G & C operate in oil sector